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Our Focus

The business atmosphere is ever-dynamic and always evolving. Over the past few years, business operations have become increasingly automated, going from bulky and overly-physical to streamlined and online-based. However, in spite of the obvious advantages that digitization provides, many companies still find it difficult to operate online effectively. BabyNinja720Designs is a full-service web and mobile solutions provider, established to help companies develop and utilize critical online tools and grow their business. From robust websites, to powerful e-commerce platforms, to feature-rich mobile applications and beyond—we’re developing the tools that help businesses compete better in the digital space. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing companies with the technical expertise that’s required to succeed now and in the future.

Our Process











Link Building

As part of our off-page SEO strategy, we pursue high-quality, reputable backlinks from healthy, relevant domains. We strive to increase your network of links to raise your domain’s authority in the eyes of Google and any referred visitors.

On-Page SEO

We take care of keyword research and on-page optimization, with professionally-written copy, optimal keyword placement and density, and geotagged content, to help you distinguish yourself from generalized competitors.
Achieving the best organic search results is a culmination of both on- and off-page SEO, link building, social media and email marketing. We leverage proven strategies and put them to work to help you increase sales.

Stuff We’re Really Good At


Website Development

– WordPress, PHP, HTML –

Website Development

-Design, develop and Inspire-




E-commerce Development

– WordPress, Woocommerce –

E-commerce Development

-Bring your products to the market in style-



Online Marketing

– SEO, PPC, Adwords –

Online Marketing

-Get your site ranked at the top-

Build stunning layouts

Say Goodbye To Your Boring Website And Build Something Spectacular

Mobile Response

Sites look stunning on all devices, across all platforms and resolutions.

Custom Backgrounds

Create custom background colors, images and even full-width videos.

Full Page Overlays 

Allow for so much more information, without relying on navigation.


Custom Call To Action Markers

Strategically-placed CTAs increase sales conversion opportunities and captures.

Creative Pricing Tables

Show prices in the simplest, most appealing manner to generate instant interest.

Eye Catching Action Bar 

Bring your product or service to life with an action bar that emphasize your message.

Simply put we get results




Client Satisfaction




Email Marketing


See What Are Clients Say

I have been running this business for a very long time and at a point I just couldn’t meet up with the growing trend in the restaurant industry or let me say I don’t just know how to go about it, I was introduced to Babyninja720designs and they encouraged me to create an online ordering system, Oh my world! My sales flew from 0 to 10, I am so excited and grateful to Babyninja720designs, thank you so much guys, you are the best!
Arun, K
I couldn’t have asked for a better and well optimized website than the one created for me by you guys. You honestly helped restructure my business and indirectly empower to compete favorably in my market. Thank you so much.
Mattew, R
I just want to tell you guys that you did a great job! Honestly, if there was a better word to qualify what you did, I’d have used it. My website seems to be dying by the passing of each day and only you knew the magic you performed, not only has the traffic increased, conversion and orders has grown tremendously. Thanks guys…Cheers!
Mike, F

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